Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Random Assassins Guild Generator

Drawing of two men worshipping before a statue
Legality (d8)
1 holy
2 state sanctioned
3 legal under certain circumstances
4-5 illegal under most circumstances
6-7 criminal
8 unholy/heretic 

Popularity (d12)
1-4 secret
5-7 shadowy
8-9 known to some
10 well known
11 popular
12 legendary

Motivation (d6)
1 business
2 religious
4 organ harvesting
5 patriotic idealists/political terrorists
6 thrill kill cult

Weaponry (d20)
1-5 subterfuge, hidden blades, smoke bombs, blowguns
6-10 martial, swords, spears, axes
11 magic
12 make it look like an accident, poison, fire, traps
13 particular, specialized and ceremonial 
14 unarmed combat 
15 alchemist fire, explosives, acid
16 doppelgangers or lycanthropes 
17 vampires or their thralls 
18 trained beasts or monsters
19 varies among members
20 roll twice

Size (d10)
1 d6 members
2 local (district or village)
3-4 local (city)
5-6 regional
7 national
8 multinational
9 worldwide
10 transdimensional 

Rulership (d12)
1 democratic
2 anarchy
3 meritocracy of elder masters
4 oligarchy of wealthy men
5 secret council of 2d6 hooded figures
6 ancient, powerful undead
7 d8 monsters with genius-level intellect
8 military structure 
9 deified tyrant
10 immortal cabal
11 seers deciphering a prophecy 
12 shadow from the void, sending dreams and visions to the chosen 

Idiosyncrasy (d20)
1 will try to perform the hit once, and only once
2 after an unsuccessful hit, they can attempt another one, but the price doubles
3 after a successful hit, they will reveal the identity of the client
4 after an unsuccessful hit, the victim is offered an option to hire the assassin for a revenge kill
5 after a successful hit, the victim's family is offered an option to hire the assassin for a revenge kill
6 guild accepts only a very special currency 
7 guild doesn't accept money, can be only hired by a special ritual 
8 will try to perform the hit until successful 
9 will announce the hit before performing it 
10 will declare their responsibility after a successful hit
11 will take the victim alive, to use for other purposes 
12 will only take hits on victims who are guilty of a particular sin
13 will only take hits on victims who are innocent of a particular sin
14 ridiculously expensive
15 only takes a couple jobs a year
16 only takes jobs from a very exclusive clientele 
17 style over substance, will try to perform the assassination during a full moon, in an exotic garden, while reciting poetry, dressed in exquisite flowing robes, etc. 
18 victims must be worthy, able to defend themselves, high caliber targets
19 they give a refund on an unsuccessful kill 
20 roll twice and use both results

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