Friday, October 19, 2018

Beware the Void Beaver!

Long, long time ago on G+ I helped key a dungeon. A lot of awesome people contributed and I felt the result was unusual... or rather exceptional, really. I felt we made something special. And then a lot of stuff happened in my life, I switched jobs and apartments like three times and I forgot it ever happened. That is until yesterday evening, when I received a word that it is now completed and available for everyone for free! Now behold... 

The Mudwarren Alley!

Get it, read it, run it for your group. Tell me how it went. 

The map, call to arms and the voidbeaver cover illo was done by Karl Stjernberg. 

Jennifer Moonpoison did the editing and also an actual fucking clay statue of the voidbeaver. 

Most of the other incredible illustrations are by Evlyn M

Other contributors were Brian Ashford, Steve C, John Condon, Eric Nieudan, Terje Nordin, Ray Otus, Chad Robb (I think he also did that sick fish drawing), Matthew SchmeerChris Stieha, Alban Winton and yours truly. 

If I forgot about you or didn't link to your stuff – drop me a line and I'll rectify the situation.