Saturday, June 29, 2019

Madame Merkia’s Myriad Murderous Mouths

Madame Merkia’s Myriad Murderous Mouths
is a rare spell, known only to the most conniving magic users. 
Wizard/Warlock/Witch/Summoner 3, range 10'/level, instantaneous 

Random extraplanar entity emerges from a portal, attacks the target and jumps into another exit portal – in one fluid motion.

roll d12
1 • Portal of Steel • a masterless Saint of Blades delivers a +5 cut for 3d6+3 damage with his great sabre, save negates, triple damage on a crit 2 • Portal of Law • a Justiciar of the 11th Tower of Elim – using the knowledge of the target’s True Name – banishes the target to another Plane 3 • Cat Portal • Sabre-Tooth Duelist claws (+8 for 2d6) and bites (+8 for 2d8) the target 4 • Timeless Portal • a Twice Murdered King throws a diamond dust storm at the target dealing 4d4 damage and blinding it for d6 turns, this attack leaves 2d12 x 10 gp worth of diamond dust in the vicinity of the target 5 • Mycoworld Portal • bioluminescent spores land on the target making it easier to hit (roll twice and use a better result), the spores have a 1 in 6 chance of overloading the target’s brain and temporarily giving it a +2 bonus on attack & damage rolls and causing it to charge directly into combat with the nearest creature for d10 turns 6 • Prophesied Portal • a Burning Spoke of the Many-Eyed Wheel turns undead like a third level Cleric, target counts as undead 7 • Portal of the Envenomed • High Sting of the kim’Waa makes the target weep poison for d6 turns, giving it -6 penalty on all rolls, anyone in physical contact with the tears is also affected, save ends 8 • Gate to the Stars • the light of faraway stars gives the target a random insanity, save negates 9 • Portal to the Mutarealm • radiation from the portal makes the target swell grotesquely, doubling its height and multiplying its weight by 8, has a 2 in 6 chance of being permanent, otherwise lasts a minute 10 • Punch Dimension Portal • a disembodied fist punches the target in its solar plexus, suffocating it for d6 damage for 2d6 turns, save negates 11 • Portal of Khag Æsar • creates a 30’ sphere of magical darkness and silence for 2d6 turns, temperature drops to -20°C for the duration 12 • roll twice and use both results, cumulative

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