Thursday, May 18, 2017

Merchant Caravan Random Loot Table

The merchant's cart lies on the side of the road, damaged and surrounded by dead bodies. Those bandits must have left in a hurry though, because they left some of the cargo behind.

Roll a d30 once or twice for robbed merchants and more times for those that were for some reason left unlooted.

1. Bag of duck or goose feathers.
2. Brand-new anvil, never used. Weight: 250 kg.
3. Bag of pipeweed.
4. Sack of flour.
5. Barrel of varnish.
6. Basket of hop cones.
7. Sack of beaver tails.
8. Barrel of salted herring.
9. Huge cheese wheel. Weight: 80 kg. Delicious.
10. Old treatise giving detailed instructions on how to train horses over a period of 214 days. Carefully wrapped in a patterned plaid. Few pages missing.
11. Bag of salt.
12. Jar of honey.
13. Unusual hat. Very large. Hideous. Powerful aristocrat who paid in advance furiously looking for it.
14. Coin pouch containing 6d20 gold pieces (counterfeit). 
15. Jug of plum brandy.
16. Amphora of hippocras.
17. Spool of thin, copper thread.
18. Small chest half-full of silver ore.
19. Beautifully decorated amphora full of olive oil. The container is far more valuable than the contents.
20. Bag of glass beads.
21. d12 bottles of black spiced rum.
22. 6d6 flacons of snake oil.
23. Small, velvet lined casket. Piece of meteorite inside.
24. Sack of potatoes. Random key from the nearest dungeon hidden at the bottom.
25. Small random language to random language phrasebook. 
26. Small bag full of amber. One chunk has a little sprite frozen in it.
27. d8 wanted posters. One of them is of a random PC. d12x100 gp reward. Dead or alive.
28. Silver dagger. Hollow handle. Map of the nearest dungeon hidden inside.
29. Small lockbox. Contains a secret message.
30. A large, locked chest. Traveling merchant inside, locked himself to hide from the bandits in a moment of desperation. Scared shitless. Will try to convince the PCs to escort him and what's left of his cargo to the nearest, civilized safe place. Promises handsome reward.
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